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I'm a 
systemic architect
specialize in
curating conversational design,
especially excel at:
layered interaction /experience/, and information reconstruction

Marble Surface
Be Authentic
Define problems
Be Holistic
Enhance experiences
Be Futuristic
Create possibilities

Dialogical Interaction

IxD is not only about UI/UX. It's a study of conversations between humans/machines and humans/technology. It focuses on finding new possibilities that could trigger behavior narratives, to enter uncharted territory. In other words, this profound language is designed for users, with users, and by users.


Visual Communication

Worked with many artists and museums in an independent studio and a medium-size agency has gained me so many experiences. Despite some might claim graphic design is an outdated skill, I do find it's really about systemic logic and information architecture, which is a very versatile and cross-field mindset.

Infographic &

I've been drawing since the first time I drew a doll on the wall of my parent's house with a 2B pencil. It is my favorite hobby as well as a specialty provided for my clients because I really love translating information to story-telling. Listening to the sound when a pencil rubs paper is the most wonderful thing to me.


IxD Projects

Graphic / Branding


Graphic Design

"Good design is a language, not a style"

-  Massimo Vignelli  -
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