Song of Pensive Beholding

Legend Lin Dance Theater

Legend Lin Dance Theater is famous for its unique and quiet slow motion dance. The renowned choreographer, Lin Lee-Chen, was selected by French ARTE as one of the best eight contemporary choreographers. I had the honor to design the poster for the well-known show - Song of Pensive Beholding, during the time I worked at Chang Chihlung Studio. Every photograph they provided was classic, but it only made me became more careful to handle all detail (Photographer: Jin Cheng-Cai, Costume: Timmy Yip). We turned the original photo around, reversed the dancer's gesture in the poster, and made him look like he is facing down to the earth with a solemn attitude. As for another experimental show" Intimate Encounter", I used the line Miss Lin drew on the back of the program. It contrasted the large blank space with the deep black on the front side. I asked the printers to print all the words with matte silver, except for the name of the choreographer in order to emphasize and show our respect to her.