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The All-New Volvo XC90 Project


Besides the iPad digital publication and the interactive display, I also was responsible for many XC90 advertisements. Being a graphic designer does not mean I only need to know about paper. My work field includes products design - I must have the ability to evaluate the price, I must to know the characteristics of different materials, and I must understand the printing process before I can propose a presentation. But it is these complicated details that make the graphic design more fun than ever. All works are presented as follows. (The third part is only a presentation of my modeling skill. I did not design the product.)

Cleanzone Lecture freebie

The snake plant inside the acrylic pipe was a gift for speakers from Sweden. Volvo assigned some managers to Taiwan to lecture about cleanzone : a special air conditioner that can filter out almost 99% PM2.5 particles. So on the back of the pipe, there is a sentence said: breathe cleaner air inside a Volvo than outside. The reason why we chose a snake plant is for its well-known ability to clean air. 

2016 Taiwan Auto Show freebies

The two different kinds of reusable shopping bags I designed for the 2016 Taiwan Auto Show are quite unique. These were the gifts for whoever filled out a questionnaire, so we had to follow a strict budget. However, this auto show was all about the luxury XC90, so the non-woven bag could not look cheap to the customers' eyes. After two rounds of brainstorming, I broke the stereotype and proposed a whole new look. I did the opposite of what the client wanted- I gave them a white bag! I elongated the black handle down to the bottom of the bag and piped the edge with the same black fabric. It provided the freebie with a boutique look. As for the other bag, I used a hand-drawn picture of an old Volvo car, showing 100 years of history. Based on what I heard at the auto show, the audience loved these two white bags!

I was asked to work an emergency case with our interior designer- the client asked if we can provide the 3D rendering pictures for the new showroom project. My boss knew I taught myself Cinema 4D for months, and he thought I might give it a shot. My colleague was responsible for drawing the construction plan with Autocad, and I needed to build the house and furniture (Car models were bought from Volvo ). I used the area light as we only had limited time, and the final result was good enough for the client. Solving unprecedented and unpredicted problems is the reason why I never stop learning new skills.

This was a gift for the premiere VIPs who came to the XC90 test drive. The reason why the hammer was chosen is that the XC90 has headlight shaped like Thor's hammer.  I saw this interesting gift and decided to use it to practice my 3D modeling skills. I started to build this model after learning Cinema 4D for three months. I failed several times but now I am happy with the result.

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