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Theater Posters

All of the following posters show clear information: when, where and what. These are theater posters, like the movie poster, it represents the story to the audience, inviting them to go the theater.


Even though some big-size troupes have a dedicated photographer who provides still photos to designers, it still needs us to rearrange the scene in order to show the plot's essence. In some extreme cases, the theater has no money to hire a photographer, so they provide low-quality pictures to us and expect a good result. We have to use visual magic tricks to deceive the audience's eyes. But at the same time, designers must be very careful not to cross the line: over-exaggerate the truth, making the show bigger than it really is. Otherwise, it only brings negative reputation to the show itself.

The Goddess of Western Heaven

Organizer : Contemporary Legend Theater

Venue : Gansu Grand Theater

Poster size : 100x70 cm

Love River

Organizer : Ming Hwa Yuan(Tien) Taiwanese Opera Co.

Venue : Taipei Cultural Center

Poster size : 59.4x84.1 cm

108 Heroes III : Tales from Water Margin

Organizer : Contemporary Legend Theater

Venue : National Performing Arts Center

Poster size : 59.4x84.1 cm

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