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Chiamin Lin

Red Dot Design Awards

2020 Red Dot winner, Design concept /Artificial Intelligence

A’ Design Award & Competition

2019 Silver, Information Processing Tool

Excellence in Graduate Studies Award

2018 in Interaction Design

+1 702-6304511

[ Project achievements ]

1. Dash / Mobility Research & Connected team, Ford (patent pending)
    Design empathetic in-vehicle robot from tools to companion

         a. Strategically frame the purpose of why drivers need robot companions along the ride

         b. Propose Dash's emotive eye expressions and unprecedentedly tie those to the motion of the vehicle,

             with the help of programmers

2. Data factory visualization / Global Data Insight and Analysis (GDIA), Ford
    Transform invisible data journey to meaningful visual thinking tool

         a. Consistently recognized for the innovative ideation and flawless execution

         b. Establish trusting relationships with new million-dollar clients under tight deadlines

         c. Visualization was rated as "killer app" and was told it effortlessly assists clients in explaining the complex without redundant

            charts and Excel sheets    

3. Virtual Chauffeur Assistant / Mobility Research & Connected team, Ford
    Envision near-future, context-driven remedies for AVs

         a. Demonstrate case-based reasoning capabilities with animated storyboards

         b. Smoothly utilize design thinking and value-driven point of view to steer clients focus on broader techo-social situations

         c. Help client gain big-budget and new scope of work from another team

4. Invisible QR code / Mobility Research, Ford & 3M
    Design meaningful social encounters for novel technology

         a. Propose illustrated scenarios to identify other possibilities

         b. Coordinate client's needs in Minnesota hackathon and win the case

+ Eduaction

2016-2018           MFA. in interaction Design. College for Creative Studies,  GPA 3.87

2009-2012           MFA. in graphic Design. National Taiwan Normal University, GPA 3.81

2006-2009           BFA. in graphic Design. National Taiwan Normal University, GPA 3.60

+ Professional Experience

2018 - Present   Experience designer, VMLY&R, Detroit, Michigan 

Successfully facilitate and manage experience design projects from concepts through completion. Work closely with Ford Motor Company to re-imagine new purposes of current technology, seek creative solutions based on humane values, convert statistical features to techno-social benefits, and constantly steer progress to meet deadlines and requirements. Coordinate clients, vendors, and designers to achieve the highest level objectives of each project.

Professional Experiences

2017 - Summer   UI/UX Intern, Visteon Corporation, Van Buren Charter Township, Michigan 

Precisely analyze trends and translate objectives into concrete design implementations. Constantly meet with global teams from India

and German to redesign a new theme for the next-gen infotainment user interface and its collateral materials, and help the team win a

new client.

2015 - 2016   Senior creative designer, Pin Creation / Volvo, Taipei, Taiwan 

Rigorously manage and coordinate design projects from ideation to implementation. Leverage typography and graphic expertise to enhance the client's corporate image and to resonate with its global strategy. Cooperate with account executives, designers, and programmers to create advertising content for various media, such as posters, flyers, catalogs, freebies, packages, e-commerce materials, 3D models, and illustrations.

Hands-on projects include:

a. 2016 Auto show — exhibition planning and visual design, owner gift design
Sales center redesign — space modeling and rendering
Quarterly ower magazine — dealer/customer interviews, typography, and content editing

2013 - 2014   Graphic designer, Chih-Lun Chang Studio, Taipei, Taiwan 

Meet with clients to collect requirements and needs, report to client executives, and participate in brainstorming sessions. Spearhead visual identity for different clients, responsibilities including brand positioning, promotion, and marketing materials

[ Experienced field ]

1. Arts and theaters. clients include:

Contemporary Legend Theater, Legend Lin Dance Theater, Chien Kuo Foundation for Arts And Culture, National Center for Traditional Arts, Fengtian Temple
    a. Ideate and initiate new strategies for each show, enforce the visual align with its positioning, artists' vision,

        and subjects' objectives. 

    b. Design various merch from digital, graphics to physical products, and iterate based on clients' comments.

2. Publishing industry. clients include: 

    China Times Publishing Co. / Commonwealth Publishing Group

    a. Utilize Adobe and other skill sets in designing book cover, typography, photography, planning the flow of reading,

        and make sure it's reader-friendly.

    b. Oversee the printing process from proofreading to plate proof checking, monitor each deliverable has the highest quality.

2012   Book Illustrator — Joy Enterprise Organization, Taipei, Taiwan 

Design highlight concepts for each section, and plan graphics and layouts for story illustration. Sketch and Illustrate storyboard to establish the sentiment and reinforce the climax



+ Honors and Awards

2020 - Red Dot Design Awards winner, Design concept / Artificial Intelligence

2019 - A’ Design Award & Competition, Silver, Information processing tool

2018 - Excellence in Graduate Studies Award in Interaction Design

2016 - General Motors Foundation Graduate Scholarship in Design

2016 - CCS Graduate Scholarship Award 

2012 - Graduate thesis <A Case Study of Film lens Used in the Comic storyboards> Highest scores

2009 - NTNU Graduate studies admission,  First place

+ Exhibition

2020 - Reddot Award Exhibition, Reddot Design Musem, Singapore

2020 - A’ Design Award Exhibition, MOOD Museum of Design, Como, Italy

2020 - Hebei International Industrial Design Week, Siongan New Area, Hebei, China

2020 - Xi An Design Complex Exhibition, Shaanxi National Aerospace Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xi An city, China

2018 - Student Exhibition, College for Creative Studies, Michigan 

2012 - Drawing and Manga No. 16 ChingTian Contemporary Humanities and Art Space, Taipei

2010 - Fun-Reading: Eight Universities Postgraduate Poster Exhibition Tour, Taiwan

2008 - Academic Achievement Exhibition — Dialogs between Western Thoughts and Eastern Philosophies Teh-Chun Art Gallery, Taipei

2009 - National Intercollegiate Athletic Sports Poster Design Exhibition, NTNU

2009 - Fine Art Graduation Exhibition, Teh-Chun Art Gallery, Taipei

+ References 

Wojtek Szumowski

Managing Director, Innovation and Data, VMLY&R

Paul Pangaro  PhD.

Professor of Practice,

HMI Institute, Carnegie Mellon University 

Evan Carpenter-Crawford

Program Manager

Sundberg Ferar




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