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Patron of children and wealth


The guardian whose eyes
can see through everything


The marine goddess
who protects fishmen


The guardian with ears
that can hear sounds
from far away


The god who protects
the temple from fire

The 125th Taoist Sacrificial Ceremony at Singang Fenqtian Temple

Client - Fengtian Temple​

This interesting case gives a new look to Taiwanese traditional culture. Instead of being a religion, Mazu is more like a symbol of protection to the older coastal residents. She is the marine goddess guarded by Clairvoyance and Clairaudience standing right next to her. The Master Tiger is also another famous patron of children and wealth. He loves to eat firecrackers and that's why his followers always lit lots of firecrackers to welcome his coming during March. The final character- A Long - comes from the traditional wood structure that supports the weight of the roof. It has a dragon's head and a fish's tail so he can spit water from his mouth, as a symbol to protect the building from fire.

This project range from mascots design to road pavement design, combining lots of sub items such as lanterns, stickers, t-shirts, caps, mugs, street lights, and advertising. Most of them not completed due to limited budget, but I still enjoyed this brainstorming procedure. I participated from the beginning to the end, and even though the meetings and negotiations were quite stressful, I still learned the art of conversation from all of these.


The total length of the pavement is 200x16 meters. I choose a curl shape that looks like a growing tree, covered with representations of Taiwanese resorts. There are total 19 famous sightseeing spots you can find on the road.

Taking the mosaics tile color into account, all of these decorative patterns are narrowed down to 12 colors. The second plan is to adopt a kind of old technique called Terrazzo floor. It has stronger resistance to high pressure and is able to use as many colors as possible. All these
features make it easier to
preserve all these delicate
patterns. In addition, applying
this traditional skill would
improve financial stability of 
the old workers.

Color & Tile


Lots of tourists do not know the
direction when they first visit Chiayi.
The road sign system is in poor condition, and the government provides limited indications. I designed two huge mascots standing on the cloud shaped S-glass fiber, with steel circles on the rear. Underneath is a 50cm diameter pillar as base. They both have an arrow decorated with light bulbs nearby the highway. The small version of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience will be attached to the original street lights around the temple. So every visitor can easily identify the destination is not far away.


Taking vehicle safety into account, this area should not be paved with decoration. We use small patterns to connect two parts instead.

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