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Chinese Kan Opera Calendar

Chien Kuo Foundation For Arts And Culture

The Chien Kuo Foundation for Arts and Culture wanted to sell a calendar about Chinese Kun opera during the show "The Dream of the South Locust Tree" (unofficial translation). It is one of the most well-known Kun opera scripts in our culture. Because the main character became an ant king during a nap, I imposed an ant on its cover which gives it a crucial touch. This package is very simple and neat, we only used two printing techniques: matte foil stamping and embossing on a double-glued 350 gsm non-coated cardboard. After all these processes were done, the silver stripe was tied up by hand by press workers.

The first thing you see after you open the package is the traditional Chinese fences. Behind it is a round-shaped door that is commonly seen at pavilions. I arranged two sentences from the script on the two sides of the gate as if the door was decorated by a couplet.


Due to the fact that the patterns' shape is too delicate to be die-cut, I chose to use laser cutting as well as for the locust tree behind it. I looked through all pictures, and I found this stage photo with the main character standing in front of the screen, where lots of tree shapes are projected. I knew I must use another layer to render this beautiful quiet scene.


As a result, instead of seeing through the gate, you sse the big black tree with a man standing beneath it. Then after you went through(open) this beautiful Chinese patio, finally it comes the title page.

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